Sending Mooncups to Kenya

Mooncup Thank You

Lift the Lid has had the pleasure of collaborating with Mooncup, a UK-based company that makes reusable menstrual cups, in order to give the young women at Lenana Girls High School who cannot afford sanitary napkins a safe and cost-effective solution. We’re extremely grateful that Mooncup offered us their reduced price for charitable organizations.

A Mooncup, around two inches long and made from soft medical grade silicone, is worn internally, lower than a tampon. While tampons and pads absorb menstrual fluid, the Mooncup collects it (three times as much as a tampon.) Because the Mooncup is reusable and can last for fifteen or more years, only one is needed, so it saves money and helps the environment, too.

Mooncup Thank You group photo

Lenana Girls High School, now in its third year, is a boarding school located between Mount Elgon and the Cherangani Hills in Kitale, Kenya. The school serves underprivileged girls who score high on Kenya’s national exams. A model school for its self-sustaining projects, the curriculum offers business training and life-skills, in addition to the standard curriculum.

Mooncup Thank You

Before sending an order of 30 Mooncups to Lenana, we organized a small team of teachers and nurses at the school to test and become comfortable with the product first. Their job now is to train and be mentors to the girls who are receiving them.

Before this shipment of Mooncups, the girls ‘coped’ with their periods using dishrags, newspapers, straw, leaves, and mud. They had to sneak away to bury the used material in the ground. Some confined themselves to their rooms in shame. It shouldn’t have to be that way.

Women shoulder the responsibility of childbearing and need to be safe from infection during menstruation. They should not miss class or work or avoid sports and exercise. They should never feel ashamed. I write more about menstruation on my blog, Why Are My Periods Painful?

Lift the Lid, Inc. is raising money under The Miracle Project to supply more girls with Mooncups. Please help us out and make a secure donation here.

Mooncup Thank You