Thank you, by Faith Mukwanja

faith mukwanja

Dear Sara Goff and Amran Hussein,

My name is Faith Mukwanja, one of the 2014 Pre-Lenana students currently preparing for my national exam before formally joining form one at Lenana Girls High School.  I am writing to thank you for supporting the first business project at Lenana Girls High School. I am grateful that I will be able to continue my education in high school because of the project you have started.

I am a third born in a family of eight children. My parents are both alive;  my mother is pre-school teacher and my father is a jobless. My eldest brother finished Form 4 class in 2006 and to date; he has not collected his certificates, because he owes the institution fees arrears. As at now he is a bodaboda (Bicycle taxi) and at times cane cutter earning about Kshs. 50 (US$ 0. 60) per day.

We stay on 0.1 acre land on which we plant vegetables but this cannot sustain the family’s needs. Without the current tuition waiver I believe I could still be at home or working as a house girl somewhere (Thank you for that).

Through Common Ground for Africa, the family receives nutritional and medical support that would otherwise not have been available to us due to our financial struggles.

When I grow up, I would like to promote girl-boy – child Education of needy cases by paying fees for them and Guiding and Counseling them with my whole heart. I would also like to work hard and be a good role model to any sponsor to continue assisting other needy students or children.

When are you going to visit us?


Faith Mukwanja

faith mukwanja