Thank You Letters from Mogonjet Secondary School

Edmund Kipkirvi and Caroline Chepkemoi

Caroline Chepkemoi and Edmund Kipkurvi

We are moved to tears by the following Thank You letters from Mogonjet Secondary School in Kericho, Kenya. Edmund Kipkurvi and Caroline Chepkemoi express their gratitude for the opportunity to enter Lift the Lid’s Annual Writing Competition and for the prize money, which bought exam review books for the entire class.

Caroline, who placed second, also gave a portion of what she earned to the needy in her area. She and all the students at Mogonjet appreciate Lift the Lid’s help in improving their education, and they understand the importance of giving back to their community, as well.

Each of the finalists received an autographed copy of Simon David Eden’s novel “Animalian”. Edmund and Caroline write in their letters how much the book means to them and to their classmates who have borrowed their copies.

We at Lift the Lid are certain the Annual Writing Competition will have a lasting positive influence on the students’ lives.

edmund kipkirvi thank you ltr 4th writing comp mogonjet nov 2013

Edmund Kipkurvi – Thank you letter

caroline chepkemoi thank you ltr second place 4th comp mogonjet nov 2013

Caroline Chepkemoi – Thank you letter