Two First Place Winners of Lenana’s 7th Annual Writing Competition

Two First Place Winners of Lenana's 7th Annual Writing Competition - Lift the Lid

I’m pleased to announce the First Place winners of Lift the Lid’s 7th Annual Writing Competition at Lenana Girls’ High School in Kitale, Kenya! Margaret (18 years) and Mourine (15 years) were chosen from 20 entries. Congratulations, Margaret and Mourine!!!

Everyone wins in our competitions because when you write (or create anything from your heart and mind) you win. For the purpose of giving encouragement and pushing the students to keep writing and trying, we offer rewards. This year we will award two first-place winners, six second-place winners and six honorable mentions. Plus everyone participates in an award ceremony and receives a new book!

I always choose my favorite line (or two) from their essays and send it to them with feedback and writing tips. Here are Margaret and Mourine’s quotes that I chose:

“Also, they [girls] can join gangs and disturb people in society. Imagine how shameful it is for a girl to be caught in such behavior. But most don’t care about this; theirs is to judge, but mine will be to help.”  (Margaret)

“My wish to become a nurse when I grow up is about helping these people of our society who are suffering a lot. Most of them will suffer from walking many kilometers, and they are sick in hospitals where they would pay for medicines before getting their treatment.” (Mourine)

Thank you for supporting Lift the Lid in giving these students at Lenana and many others hope for the future through a good education. We provide the opportunity, challenge them to hard work, and encourage their strong voices through their writing. Thank you!!

Margaret Wanjoru and her essay

Margaret Wanjoru -Lenana girls school - Kenya - Lift the Lid
where will i be at 25 yrs of age - margaret wanjoru - Lenana girls school - Kenya

Mourine Awino and her essay

Mourine Awino - Lenana girls school - Kenya - Lift the Lid
where will i be at 25 yrs of age - mourine awino - Lenana girls school - Kenya