Vivian Chepkoech

Vivian Chepkoech is one of our students at Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya. She placed 2nd in our 2019 Writing Competition with her essay on forgiveness. In it, she writes about her father and the years he battled alcoholism. He physically abused her mother, and often frightened her and her siblings, as well as broke their hearts every time he seemed to give up on them and everything else in life.

At a low point, Vivian thought her father might actually kill her mother, but instead, he asked for forgiveness. This is what she writes:

CJ talan - Marinduque - painting mask - SIAC - Nov 2019

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These are difficult times and need is felt everywhere. We are especially grateful for any amount you can give so we can keep our schools open and operating to the best of their ability: Stay safe, and stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Here is Vivian’s original essay: