What Graduation Means to Me

Graduation 15th Ave Elementary SIAC Oct 2018

A swell of pride, a smile that takes over the moment, and a sense of hope strong enough to surprise the most discouraged are the feelings of every child, regardless of background, when receiving her/his diploma.

Lift the Lid with The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines ensure the children who come to us receive the support necessary to achieve that diploma, from healthcare and a daily breakfast to clean, comfortable clothing and the proper supplies. Since 2011, Lift the Lid has been helping homeless children in metro Manila realize that life-changing day.

We dedicate this year’s graduation post to an anonymous donor who stands by our children with financial assistance, creative encouragement, prayers and love. Thank you.

Below are two essays from elementary school graduates and sisters, Tere and Felicity. They write about what graduation means to them. Their original essays in Tagalog follow the translations:

Tere and Felicity Talan graduation CM SIAC Oct 2018
Tere Talan graduation essay CM SIAC Oct 2018

“For me, graduation is for a wider scope of education so I would learn more for my life and for my second diploma. This is also an evidence that I am worthy of and on my way to a higher education which should result to a good job so I could help my family and those who assisted so I could complete my education.”  ~Tere

“For me graduation is a wonderful day everyone like me is aspiring for. Graduation means a step higher that widened our minds for education which after a hard work should lead us to achieve honors and recognitions and good job after.”  ~Felicity

Felicity Talan graduation essay CM SIAC Oct 2018
Nonie graduation stag SIAC Oct 2018

We’d like to acknowledge teacher Nonie at The School in a Cart, who for two years now has done the floral arrangements for the 15th Avenue Elementary School graduation. Many of our children currently attend or have attended this school. Nonie even offers his time as the Vice-President of the Parent Teacher Association, which is added security for our children living on the streets, many of whom do not have parental support and have to work extra hard to stay in school.

Of the 30 children from The School in a Cart who are enrolled in school, 17 received highly satisfactory grades and satisfactory grades, while the remaining 13 received fairly satisfactory grades. We are always coming up with incentives for the children to study, including participation in The School in a Cart band. We have also started a college fund for those who graduate from high school.