You Are . . ., by Zipporah Nyongesa

zipporah nyongesa

Thank you, Rita Hanitchak, for supporting Zipporah Nyongesa in her education at Lenana Girls High School in Kitale, Kenya. Zipporah is in Pre-form One and hopes to continue her education throughout high school and maybe even college, uninterrupted by a lack of school fees.

To show her appreciation, Zipporah has written a very sweet poem she’s titled “You Are . . .” about how much her supporters at Lift the Lid mean to her. Our encouragement has even inspired her to be a loyal mentor to others in need. The faith and kindness we show Zipporah, and all the students at Lenana, will not cease to change lives for the better.

Zipporah Nyongesa you are poem lenana jan 2014