At Lift the Lid in Cubao, the Philippines, we have been busy setting up a new study space for our older students and a community retreat a short bus ride outside of the city for our young students. When they can, our teens join in the peaceful setting of our camp to get quiet time, fresh air, exercise, and spiritual guidance as they navigate the difficult years leading up to college…and for our graduates, tackling college!

See our photos of Nonie passing out games and school supplies at camp and the beautiful views. Covid has created a financial strain for us and has set our students back in their learning, but we persevere with creative ideas and the sense of community we never lost.

In the city, we have photos of our teens receiving new clothes. Stephano is enrolled in college (see his Certificate!), Reynald graduated during Covid and helped his father out with a construction job. Now he’s deciding on the kind of training he’ll pursue. Rayvin just graduated from high school this past June, Terre and Felicity will be graduating from junior high, while CJ is completing 6th grade.

THANK YOU for all your donations! Please remember us going forward as we continue to steer our children away from street life and toward a healthy, fulfilled, and prosperous life through love, good habits, and a solid education.

Graduates clothes SIAC summer 2022
Littles country retreat SIAC summer 2022
camp relaxing in comfort SIAC summer 2022
Camp views and toys SIAC summer 2022
Stephano studying SIAC summer 2022
Stephano College receipt summer 2022