A Narrow Escape, by Favour Wambui

favour wambui

Many thanks to Cherry Provost for her significant contribution to Lenana Girls High School in Kitale, Kenya. Cherry is on the Board of Directors of Lift the Lid and has been a Trustee of several esteemed art and educational institutions. She has served on the Board of Governors for The National Arts Club in Manhattan and was also the President of their Literary Committee. With Cherry’s donation, we have met our goal of $500, completing our latest fundraiser,  The Miracle Project. The next step will be to supply 30 girls at Lenana with menstrual cups — the most cost-effective and reliable (not to mention eco-friendly) answer to menstruation.

This is a big step for the girls, most of whom cannot afford sanitary napkins and are missing school each month. To show appreciation, we would like to share Favour Wamui’s essay “A Narrow Escape from Being Kidnapped.” Favour made the mistake of accepting a ride to school from strangers. We are grateful she is with us and able to write about her experience, warning other girls not to accept rides from strangers and to walk in pairs or a group whenever possible.

This is Lift the Lid’s first time supplying menstrual cups to the students we support, and we have not yet decided on a company with which to collaborate. More posts will follow, including testimony from the girls at Lenana. Thank you to Cherry and to all the donors for getting us this far!

favour wambui escape essay cherry lenana aug 2014
favour wambui escape essay cherry lenana aug 2014