Congratulations Richard Jay!

CJ Talan playing guitar - SIAC - Nov4 2019

Richard Jay did not get the graduation ceremony he worked so hard for due to Covid-19, but he earned his diploma with grades that make us all proud.

The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines was closed for months due to the virus, and we did not have our usual daily contact with the children, which was worrisome. But the shut-down has been partly lifted and while people are allowed to leave their homes, all students are committed to remote learning. So, we’ve made the Center into a classroom with desks, computers, tablets, books, and supplies…hand sanitizer, masks, and thermometers, as well. It is this sort of educational support, not to mention healthy meals, clothing, and health care needs, that enables children like Richard Jay to stay in school and pass their classes year after year until reaching graduation.

Since graduating, Richard Jay has been working during the pandemic to help out his parents and siblings. We’ve set aside a scholarship fund for our graduates, which means when Richard Jay is able to he can continue his education or pursue technical or engineering training,

You make it possible! Thank you to all our donors, and most recently, thank you, Susan, for helping us to support the smart, charismatic, loving, and happy children who consider the Center HOME.

Here’s Richard’s essay translated from Tagalog. See below for his original work.

Firstly, I am thankful to the Lord for the many blessings He has given me.
He provided me with a sponsor who did not get tired of helping. If not for my
sponsor, I would have not completed my 12th grade Senior High School.
Foremost, I am grateful I graduated even if there was this pandemic.
Probably, I will not go to college. I would like to work. I am currently
meeting all the requirements so I could work.
In the meantime, I am vending balut (boiled fertilized duck eggs, a delicacy
in the Philippines). This is the only way I know where I can help my family
during difficulties brought by the pandemic.
These difficulties made me all the more grateful for having graduated.
I, with my brothers, am helping our father sell balut so we would have food
on the table.
Thank you very much sponsor(s) for helping me finished my high school
Blessings from God to all of you!!! Thank you very much!


CJ Talan - Marinduque - essay - SIAC - Nov 4 2019
CJ Talan - Marinduque - essay - SIAC - Nov 4 2019
CJ Talan - Marinduque - essay - SIAC - Nov 4 2019