Does Your Employer Match Charitable Donations?

Tutoring Awards Matching Gift SIAC May 2016

Students of The School in a Cart earn achievement awards at summer school

Lift the Lid initiated a summer school program over the past two months (their summer break begins mid-March) in Cubao, the Philippines for The School in a Cart. The primary focus of the classes was to catch the younger boys up with the school work they had fallen behind in during the school year. The School in a Cart aims to keep the children living on the streets in school and progressing from grade to grade. This year’s summer school was made possible by a Matching Gift from one of our donor’s employers.

Teacher Nita also spent time with the older girls who attend The School in a Cart, teaching them about the responsibilities of becoming a parent, waiting to have sex until they’ve finished their education, have found a job and are married, as well as the importance of respecting and protecting their bodies.

Nita Viloria tutoring matching gift SIAC May 2016

Santiago, Julito, Daniel, and Skyler with Teacher Nita

Nita Viloria tutoring matching gift SIAC May 2016

A donation of $500 can pay for:

  • One term of daily part-time teaching
  • 60 desks
  • School supplies, uniforms, bags, shoes and socks for 40 children
  • Two more carts (to reach more street children in Quezon City)

Often people aren’t aware that their employer has a Matching Gift program. As you can see here, helping these children who live in poverty to stay in school and avoid early pregnancy, it’s worth asking about!

Santiago tutoring matching gift fundraiser SIAC May 2016