From Agnes to Michaela

Agnes ltr Michaela Namelok Jan 2016

A very special girl named Agnes from Namelok Junior Academy in rural Kisamis, Kenya has written a Thank You letter to a very special girl named Michaela from New York City. Agnes is grateful for the donation Michaela and her family made to the Kenyan Lunchbox Program initiated by Lift the Lid for Namelok in 2015, feeding the 88 students a daily nutritious midday meal.

Agnes explains that eating lunch makes her [and her peers] “active and happy.”

Despite distance and cultural differences, Agnes and Michaela have a lot in common, such as liking school and appreciating their teachers. They both also need lunch each day in order to maintain their health, concentration, and energy levels. It’s exciting that they can connect here and share what makes them smile.

Tabitha Chepkirui - Unwanted Child - 7th comp 2nd pl Mogonjet Sept 2017