From Dianne to Christian and Evan

Dianne Farinas SIAC Jan 2016

Lift the Lid and The School in a Cart are grateful for the support of a special family in Darien, Connecticut. In addition to funding breakfasts prior to school and snacks after school is out, plus meeting basic needs, such as providing showers, shoes and clean uniforms, we look for ways to entice the children to stay at The School in a Cart’s center, rather than roam the streets or beg on the buses (jeepneys.)

Writing letters is one way. The older children, especially, seize the opportunity to connect with kids from other countries. Seeing as they are unable to travel, it is their way of seeing the world and feeling a part of its greatness.

We’ve read many short essays over the years from Dianne, who is now in the Fourth Grade. Here is her letter to brothers Christian (7 years) and Evan (5 years.)

“Hi, I am Dianne. I like to have many friends and if possible from another country. I wish I chose the right friends. I had a friend named Ken. In school he was always irritating me.

I want more friends, good friends. I wish to have friends from America and other countries. I hope to travel to another country when I get big. I wish the friends I will make are good looking, beautiful and smart. I won’t mind having a friend who is handicapped. We Filipinos are all equal.

Before, nobody likes me. They always teased, including the Tagumpay boys. Now I like to be friends with them, too. I respect them even if they do not like me. I have a crush on one of them, but he does not like me because he said I am like a mouse and a garbage collector.
Dianne Farinas Letter to Share Jan 2016