Patricia Silantoi – 1st Place Winner

Patricia Silantoi 2nd Annual Poetry Comp 1st place Nov 2014

Lift the Lid is proud to announce the First Place winner of the 2nd Annual Poetry Competition at Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya. Patricia Silantoi was chosen from eight finalists for her poem “Drought.” She writes, “Sun rises at five o’clock. Sun sets at seven. There’s no morning, there’s no evening, but one extended fiery noon.”

Millions of Kenyans are affected by drought: crops fail, livestock perish, and wells run dry. Patricia, twelve years old and in Class Six at Namelok, uses poetry as an emotional outlet, sharing her worries and her fears with the world.  She could keep those emotions inside of her, ugly and painful, instead she uses them to create something beautiful and powerful, so people might be informed and offer help.

Patricia not only works hard in her classes, but she walks six kilometers to and from school each day. It is a great honor for Lift the Lid to read and publish her writing. Congratulations on your poem, Patricia, and on being awarded First Place!

Patricia Silantoi 2nd Annual Poetry Comp 1st place Drought Nov 2014