The Library Project – A Great Surprise!

Library long view Mogonjet Feb 2019

The students of Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya, returned to school after the holiday break and were surprised to see their long-promised library from the government finally rising up from the dirt foundation that had sat abandoned for years. They knew Lift the Lid, the charity they write for, mustering mental strength and courage every time, was behind the new construction. They know LTL is behind their education, as well!

Many first-time and longstanding donors have given, and so far we’ve been able to put $8,482 into the library. Still, there are lights, windows, tables, chairs and books to buy. We’ll continue to work hard for this library until it is serving the school and community of Bomet County, roughly 3,400 people — providing a safe and friendly place to study and meet while increasing literacy and opening the world to those who feel shut out.

For more details on our Library Project and how to give, see our fundraising page at help us build a library

We had trouble this past year getting supplies to the school, due to a long rainy season and washed-out roads. The work is now underway with all locally sourced labor and material.

Here are photos of the construction in progress: