From our longtime partner at Mogonjet Secondary School in Kericho, Bomet County, Kenya: “It was pomp and dance all the way! Yes, a day like no other. There was wild and prolonged applause for Lift the Lid’s contribution to the new Library. You are a treasured friend of our community.”

I also passed on my greetings to the students: “We sincerely hope the Library is a positive motivating force in your lives. Our goal is always to give you the space, peace, and resources you need to reach your goals. We hope it shows how much we care about you and want you to have happy, healthy, and purposeful lives!

On to our next priority… Supply the Library with state-of-the-art technology that will open up the world to each student through up-to-date information, literature, courses, and the tools to do their work, share it with others, and engage in conversation. We have a student body of 143, with 50% being female. Improving Mogonjet School will improve the Bomet County community and beyond!

We have been fundraising for the Library for many years and had to put the project on hold throughout Covid-19. A lot of hard work and patience has gone into this milestone! Please DONATE and help us afford the technology that is key to every child’s education and will change lives. I know how much Mogonjet means to our students. They make daily sacrifices to be there, knowing it is their hope for a better future.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation HERE