A Good Writer is A Good Reader

Writing Comp 4th thank you DBA and LTL Namelok Oct 2017

The 88 students of Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya, the Kajiado North district of the Rift Valley province, were happy to receive Lift the Lid’s annual book donation, with help from Darien Book Aid Plan in Darien, Connecticut.

Writing Comp 4th trio Namelok Oct 2017
Writing Comp 4th group Namelok Oct 2017

Lift the Lid sends boxes of books to our three Kenyan schools every year to accompany our annual writing competitions. It’s proven that reading and writing go hand in hand, and we like to make that point. Here’s a Psychology Today article that looks at this important relationship:

5 reasons why writing helps early reading

Thank you, Donors, you make the work we do possible and bring great big smiles to children, teachers, parents and entire communities!