AIDS the Destroyer, by Nancy Njoki

nancy njoki i really do exist lenana may 2014

I’m so grateful for my friends and family who have believed in Lift the Lid since I started talking about my desire to help impoverished children achieve an education.

Johanna and Tim have reached out many times to the schools and students we sponsor with donations and encouraging words. In exchange for their recent support, Nancy Njoki has written a poem titled “AIDS the Destroyer,” which expresses her fear of the deadly disease and rallies her classmates to “stand tall and shout halt!”

There have been medical advancements in treating the HIV virus which are saving lives around the world. Unfortunately, these treatments have not yet reached rural communities such as Nancy’s. Her fears are real.

 Below is her poem “AIDS the Destroyer.” You can read her previous poem on AIDS titled, “I Really Do Exist,” where she eerily personifies the disease, bringing its powers to life.
nancy njoki Aids the Destroyer lenana may 2014