I Have Made It My Mission

CJ Talan playing guitar - SIAC - Nov4 2019
I am so proud to be involved with the education of inspiring young women. Despite life-threatening hardships, they make sacrifices and push themselves beyond what they think they’re capable of achieving in order to attend high school.
CJ talan - Marinduque - painting mask - SIAC - Nov 2019
Ann Nyambura writes, “I have made it my mission to help reverse this trend, to turn the date back. I know how because I am living proof that it all starts with a girls’ education.”
One of the classes at Lenana Girls’ HS (Kitale, Kenya) is learning and teaching Biointensive Farming. They experience harsh rainy seasons and periods of droughts, so knowing how to work with the elements is critical, and reducing climate change is a priority.

Ann is passionate about living smarter to feed people everywhere and to protect our planet. She’s already making a difference in her hometown teaching others about the skills she’s learning at school.

We’re proud to give the students at Lenana the opportunity to learn and pursue their passions, but we’re even more proud of the girls for believing in themselves and choosing education to make a better life.
Lift the Lid is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We’ve been raising money for schools that cater to the needy for ten years and have always maintained that 100% of every donation is sent directly to our schools.

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CJ Talan - Marinduque - essay - SIAC - Nov 4 2019

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