Breakfast Program at The School in a Cart, by David Farinas, Jordan Bujawe, and Romel Rubio

jordan and sunshaine bujawe school-in-a-cart sept 2013

Thank you author Connie Mann for your continued support of The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines. The children are truly grateful that you have chosen to stand behind them in achieving their education. Despite the hardships of living on the streets, they are trying their best to stay focused on their studies, and your encouragement really helps. They know that supporters of The School in a Cart like you believe in them, and that gives them the confidence to believe in themselves.

Below are photos of the students and translations (from Tagalog) of each of their essays on the Breakfast Program at The School in a Cart. A scan of their handwritten essays are also included below:

Jordan Bujawe (see photo above of Jordan with his sister Sunshaine) writes in his essay: “Breakfast in a Cart! We learned many things: say grace before the meal, take a shower, wash our hands and brush our teeth. More importantly, we learned to be respectful and good. Also, it is cool to have a good breakfast.”

David writes in his essay: “Breakfast in a Cart Program encourages us to go to school daily, take a shower and eat. My siblings and I get cookies for snack at school. Thank you Teacher Nonie and Kuya (Big brother) Ido (Alfredo) for these things.”

david and dianne farinas siac sept 2012

David Farinas with his sister Dianne

romel rubio for mother poem siac nov 2012

Romel Rubio

Romel writes in his essay: “Breakfast in a Cart Program is good. Besides having breakfast before going to school I also get to have cookies daily for school snack. I learned to clean myself daily. I learned a few more like brushing my teeth, washing my hands before eating and taking a shower daily.

“I like Breakfast in a Cart Program because it is a big help in my studies. It made me to strive more for myself and for my mother. Breakfast in a Cart and my mother are my guides in my studies. Thank you for the Breakfast in a Cart Program! It is a big help to me and my mother. Thank you Big brother Ido (Alfredo) and Teacher Nonie. God Bless!”

Volunteer/Founder of The School in a Cart Alfredo Olavidez said, “Probably the younger students will not be able to writing something significant about the “Shower in a Cart.” It seems privacy is a very strange ‘commodity’ that they do not see and appreciate at this time. They do say that they are encouraged to take a daily shower before going to school. Forming this habit is good enough for the moment. We have many things to undo to make their lives more normal.”

Jordan Bujawe essay

jordan bujawe essay school-in-a-cart sept 2013

Romel Rubio and David Farinas essays

romel rubio and david farinas essays school-in-a-cart sept 2013