I Play the Drums, by Stephano

Stephano Abalayam beginner drum set CM SIAC Nov 2016

Stephano learning to play the beginner drum set

Stephano Abalayam on advanced drums CM SIAC Jan 2016

Stephano is now playing the advanced drum set!

Thank you to our anonymous donors who have given generously to make the dream of playing instruments a reality for the children at The School in a Cart. We kicked off the program at the start of 2015 with a drum set, a keyboard, and four guitars, and by the spring of that same year, the children were performing for local schools and churches. Of course, everyone was eager to play the instruments and participate in the choir, but they were also happy to write about their experiences learning to play!

Here is what Stephano wrote (see his original essay in Tagalog, plus his drawing):

“I play the drums. At first it was difficult but after a little while I learned how to play them. The first song I learned to play the drums for was “Salvation Poem.” It was fun when everybody applauded our performance.

We were invited to play at Pastor Francis Nicolas’ Church at San Juan. I alternated with Dave beating the drums. He played for the song, “Salvation Poem,” while I did, “One Way!” That was in San Juan.

Sunday next we were at the Lord’s Church, The Church where Sir Iddo (Alfredo) attends. We now have 3 songs in our repertoire with one song added, “Salamat, Salamat!” (“Thank you, Thank you!”) We will have a mini-concert in San Juan at Grain, New Wine and Oil Ministries on 12 June 2015.

This is all, thank you!”

Stephano Abalayam essay on drums CM SIAC Jan 2016