Christmas 2017 at The School in the Cart

Christmas gifts and decorations Dec 2017

Every year at Christmastime, Lift the Lid makes a donation to The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines to help make the Season a special time for about 350 homeless children and their families, spread out over three different festive parties. Weeks of preparation go into planning, shopping, assembling gift bags, and cooking. We are thankful for the Principal of the Center, our dear friend Alfredo, for Teacher Nonie, and for all the parents and children who helped with the wrapping, decorating, and serving. The Christmas celebrations are especially significant and appreciated because they require a group effort. The parties are a time for fun, as well as a time to feel proud of everyone’s proactive and benevolent spirit.

Alfredo opens the festivities with a prayer. Families of the Center are reminded of God’s love for each of them. They are reminded that every day is an opportunity to improve themselves and to find purpose through helping others.

Christmas Alfredo Dec 2017

Below is Stephano’s Thank You note and English translation from Tagalog. Stephano is going into the 10th grade this June. He has proven himself to be an exceptional drummer and now wants to learn to play the guitar. He works hard in school and is an inspiration to the other children at the Center.

Stephano Abalayan essay on Christmas SIAC Dec 2017

Translation from Tagalog:

“I am Stephano. I play the Drums in the Push Cart Children’s Band. This year’s Christmas and New Year were perfect occasions for me. All the members of my family were together. I was very happy and felt something different. We received many blessings.

I had a good and happy time at the Push Cart Community Center. I was present in the three Christmas parties held here. The food was good. Kuya Iddo (Big Brother Alfredo) bought me a pair of pants and T-shirt, my gifts as a member of the Band.

Thank you for all those who helped us. You are one of our inspirations in doing what we are doing (playing in the Band.) Many thanks is fitting. Thank you one and all. Hope you get to read this.”