Competition Winner Lilian Cherotich Gives Back to Her School

Lilian Cherotich 6th Comp 1st Pl Mogonjet May 2016

Lilian with Rev. Joseph Rono

Here’s a story we just had to share. The Headteacher at Mogonjet Secondary School in Kericho, Kenya found a loaf of bread on her desk and immediately set out to reprimand the cook for serving bread on an off day – bread is eaten only once a week at Mogonjet, which is all that their food budget currently allows.

The bursar came to the rescue of the cook saying that Lilian Cherotich, the 1st Place Winner of Lift the Lid’s 6th Annual Writing Competition at Mogonjet, used her reward money to buy enough bread for everybody on that day – staff and students. On being asked afterwards why she did this, Lilian replied that she wanted everyone to share in her joy.

True joy is sharing what we have with others, and Lilian proved it to her classmates and teachers. We hope that she will be able to practice generosity throughout her life.

Rev. Joseph Rono, on the Board of Directors at Mogonjet Secondary School and Founder of Grace Foundation International, says, “Lift the Lid is impacting the lives of young people in a positive way, and I’m proud to be part of their work.”