Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers, and Administrators,

Every year that our children advance in their education is a milestone and a blessing – in all of our lives! While they feel accomplished and find purpose, we witness how the love and hard work we put into their schooling inspires, emboldens, and empowers them to become our future leaders.

As parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators, we know that it takes a commitment from all of us for our children to grow, mature, and move ahead each year. We are especially grateful for Keneni Primary School, a place of love and learning, where the teachers and children work together with mutual respect, dedication, and a curiosity for learning. This collaboration, or bond, is what establishes a meaningful education.

I feel it is important to recognize our teachers at Keneni, who are knowledgeable, as well as vibrant and caring. Because of them, our students learn not just for a grade but to feed their curiosity about the world and their yearning to make a positive difference.

Before our students started partnering with their teachers, however, they learned from their parents and guardians. You are the foundation from which Keneni’s success is built. The essential confidence, moral judgment, and discipline you instill in your children guide them throughout their journeys at school. The relationships you nurture directly affect how our students retain knowledge, develop new skills, and, most importantly, treat and encourage one another. What I’m saying is that no student is alone in reaching their milestones, and everyone contributes to the success of the school as a whole. Thank you!!

God bless,
Sara Goff
Lift the Lid, Inc.

*New and Recurring Donors, please think of Lift the Lid in your charitable giving as we continue to steer our children out of poverty and toward a healthy and fulfilled life through love, good habits, and a solid education.