Feedback from Lenana Girls High School

tunarudi shuleni event group photo

After four months of operating the Lenana Girls High School program in preparation for the opening of the school in 2014, the first review meeting was held this April, 2013. The parents and guardians submitted the following letter:

“We, the parents and guardians of the Lenana girls take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for initiating this school, which is meant to give hope to the vulnerable girls, who otherwise dropped out of school due to various family problems. The selection exercise kept us awake, wondering who will be the lucky girls to be selected!

We’ve already seen considerable change in our children within a short time. Their faces radiate hope and determination, which is tool to achieve their goals.

We appreciate the services given, like food, transport, uniforms, textbooks and exercise books.  For these and much more, we thank you once more and congratulate you on a good start which aims at offering quality education for our children.”

wyce wamukota

In addition, the Lenana students were requested to evaluate the program after three months of operation. Each student wrote a short synopsis on how the program has changed her life. Highlights are summarized below:

1.    I am a changed person.

2.    My family and community respect me now, because I am going to school and am on the path to becoming a professional.

3.    I have learned to speak English a bit better.

4.    I am more confident.

5.    I have learned to be more disciplined.

6.    I feel that being at Lenana School is a chance in a life time which I am determined to hold on to till the end.

“Before I joined Lenana, I had a very hard life, moving from street to street selling vegetables. Now I am very happy than you think. I am enjoying my studies and I want to use this golden chance and study up to university and become an engineer.”

“Before joining Lenana, I lived poorly at home with my old grandmother and grandfather doing nothing due to poverty. But now I feel like a girl confident enough to mix with other school going girls. I am now respected by my family and community. God is great. I thank Lenana to give me this chance of living again.”

All the parents/guardians and students express sincere gratitude to donors and supporters of Lenana Girls High School!