First Day of Secondary School, by Ismael Kiprotich Siget

Ismael Kiprotich Siget Mogonjet Dec 2014

Many thanks Johanna and Tim Masters for your annual Christmas donation to Lift the Lid! This year to show our appreciation, Ismael Kiprotich Siget from Mogonjet Secondary School in Kericho, Kenya shares his essay “First Day of Secondary School.”

Ismael describes the morning his father woke him with the news that he would be going to high school. He was eighteen years old at the time and it was a day he’ll never forget.

Your donation will go toward the scholarship fund at Mogonjet, which helps motivated students whose parents cannot afford school fees to continue their education. This year Lift the Lid is funding three students for a full year of school, enabling them to pursue their dreams without further interruption. Thank you, again. We couldn’t think of a better Christmas present!

Ismael Kiprotich Siget First Day 5th Comp Mogonjet Dec 2014