Guitar is My Instrument, by Reynald del Rosario

Reynald del Rosario guitar SIAC June 2015

Reynald del Rosario graduated from the 6th grade at Pura V. Kalaw Elementary School this year. He is a relatively new member of The School in a Cart, attending the Center since July 2014. He trained in the guitar when they held a week of Music Camp this year and received a Certificate of Participation after completing the course and performing with the group. He recently performed a second time with group at the Grain, New Wine and Oil Ministries for its special anniversary service on 14 June 2015. We are proud of his dedication to learning an instrument.

Here is Reynald’s essay on his music training, and a translation from Tagalog. It is obvious how proud he feels about his accomplishments, learning to play the guitar and performing for others. Best of all, playing has inspired him to have future goals!

“Guitar is my instrument. Sometimes I find it difficult to press and strum because the guitar is not tuned. But when I learned to play, I found it fun to play the guitar.

On 12 May, we did several numbers at Prayer Bible Fellowship. There were only a few in the audience when we started playing but more came when we were doing our second number. After the Service, we were served dinner after which we went home.

When I get older, I will organize my band and when I become a family man I will teach all my children to play musical instruments.”

Reynald del Rosario music essay SIAC June 2015