Hard Work is Rewarded, Dianne Farinas

dianne farinas siac sept 2012

Dianne in 2012

Dianne Farinas keyboard SIAC CM Apr 2015

Dianne performing, Summer 2015

“I am Dianne. Before, It was difficult for me to strike the keyboard because I did not know which key to strike. My trainer walked out on me when I gave him the impression that I knew better.

I was very happy when many people clapped their hands and were amazed because young as we are, we learned to play in such a short time. When I get older I will also organize a band with a drummer and guitar players.

I wish Kuya (Big Brothers) Allan and Jay Jay will be more patient. I am happy because we got to perform in Churches and later went to swimming (as a reward). Thank you to those who are training us. Continue to do so even if it is difficult.

Greetings to Ate (Big Sister) Sara. Thank you very much!“

We at Lift the Lid are especially grateful this Christmas season for the unnamed friends who continue to believe in and encourage the students we support. Though the boys and girls are young, they know our love for them, and though we can’t be there with Principal Alfredo and Teacher Nonie on a daily basis to make sure they’re fed and dressed properly, we know they’re growing up under the light of our love.

Dianne Farinas Keyboard CM SIACDec 2015