Lenana Girls’ High School 6th Annual Writing Competition

Tracey Wamboi and Tegla Chepchumba

I have applied to and have not won many writing competitions, but as I tell our students, it’s your preparation, your courage and your feeling of accomplishment having entered that make applying an invaluable experience.

After many hours of thoughtful writing and rewriting from 29 of the 60 students at Lenana Girls’ High School in Kitale, Kenya, and the many enjoyable hours I spent reading and rereading their work, Lift the Lid announces the winners of Lenana’s 6th Annual Writing Competition. Two First Place winners, four Second Place winners and ten Honorable Mentions have been chosen, with monetary awards for the First and Second Place winners.

The school receives a donation of books in celebration on the competition and all participants are given writing tips and individual encouragement. Every year, students who haven’t placed in our previous competitions go on to win awards, but the heart of the competition is about becoming a stronger, braver, more honest writer.

Our 2018 First Place winners are Tegla Chepchumba and Tracey Wamboi. Congratulations! We are so proud of you. I always highlight what I feel is the best sentence (or two) of every participant’s essay. Below are the sentences I highlighted for Tegla and Tracey, as well as their full essays about experiences that have changed their lives:

“I came to learn that experience is the best teacher, as I am working hard in school so that I can restore my friends, relatives and my father about Female Genital Mutilation beliefs.” –Tegla Chepchumba

“In that trauma, I sought comfort in painting and drawing pictures.” –Tracey Wamboi

Tracey Wamboi 6th Comp 1st pl Lenana Oct 2018

Tracey Wamboi

Tegla Chepchumba 6th comp 1st pl Lenana Oct 2018

Tegla Chepchumba