My First Day of High School, by Leonard Mutai

Leonard Mutai 6th Comp 2nd Pl Mogonjet May 2016

We are preparing to send our first wire transfer to Mogonjet Secondary School in Kericho, Kenya in the amount of $1892 from sales of I Always Cry at Weddings. The money will continue the education of three students who have been studying under our care for the past year. Lift the Lid is also embarking on one of our largest projects, the construction of a library for the school.

In honor of our contribution to the students and school, we are publishing Leonard Mutai’s essay, “My First Day of High School.” Leonard took 2nd Place in Mogonjet’s 6th Annual Writing Competition sponsored by Lift the Lid. He writes about what an honor it was to be told by his parents that he was accepted into Mogonjet as a border. He felt only excitement, packing his bags and traveling with his father the long distance to the school. After his father left, however, it sunk in that he was far from home. Adjusting to the new, strict environment was not easy, but he concludes that success comes at a cost and is a commitment. We admire his bravery joining Mogonjet and his humility writing about his first day.

Leonard Mutai 6th Comp 2nd Pl essay book Mogonjet Aug 2016