My Life Was in a Terrible Position, by Caren Chepngenoh

Caren Chepngenoh Sickness to Health Mogonjet Dec 2016

Caren was diagnosed with cholera and thought her life would come to an end before graduating high school. In her essay, she expresses the fear she felt, knowing death was near. She also describes how she made it to a place of peace and then health, when still shocked herself to have been given a second chance.

Now, living with gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose, she’s inspired to encourage others to embrace the second chances in their lives, whatever form they take. We know not all phases in life end happily; there are tragedies we have to accept and learn from, but here, now, we can celebrate Caren’s second chance to work hard, graduate, and go on to inspire others.

Thank you, Nancy, for your donation to the Library Fund at Mogonjet Secondary School in Kericho, Kenya. Here is Caren’s essay.  We’re so grateful for this opportunity to share her experience. Thank you!

caren chepngenoh sickness to health mogonjet dec 2016