Namelok Connects with Osiligi Obaya Primary School


We are very fortunate at Lift the Lid to have connected with Osiligi Charity Projects, a UK based charity helping the Maasai community in Southern Kenya. One of their outstanding accomplishments is building a ‘green,’ self-sustaining model primary school called Osiligi Obaya.  Osiligi (the Maasai word for hope) is near to the town Kisamis, where our school Namelok Junior Academy is located.

The trustee of Osiligi Charity Projects, Roger Pannell, visited Namelok and outlined some immediate and long-term goals that would help improve and grow the school:

*  Finish the fifth classroom — The good news is that we are almost there–just completing the final touches of the new classroom! (Photos will be available soon.) Currently, classes are doubled-up with the Baby Class on its own, Nursery and Pre-One doubled, years One and Two doubled, and Three and Four.

*  Build a kitchen and start a lunch program — Estimated cost of a kitchen is $2000, plus ¢15-¢20 per lunch.

*  Sponsor new children  — Increase enrollment to help cover teachers’ salaries and to keep/employ more certified teachers.

Headmistress/Teacher Mary Naipanoi Tobiko at work on the new classroom.

Of the four schools in the surrounding area, Namelok (which currently enrolls 88 children) charges the least amount in fees: roughly $6 per month for the Baby Class and up to $12 per month for Class Four. This appeals to parents who would not otherwise be able to send their children to school.

Headmistress/Teacher Mary Naipanoi Tobiko at work on the new classroom

While the low fee structure is a plus, on the one hand, it means Namelok needs our help financially. Eventually, we hope to focus on projects that would make the school self-sufficient. The goals listed above will not only improve the quality of education but help boost enrollment, thereby generating more income for future goals. Thank you Osiligi Charity Projects!

Watch for Osiligi Obaya’s First Writing Competition sponsored by Lift the Lid this May. We look forward to sharing the students’ essays and poems!