Namelok’s New Kitchen!

Namelok Kitchen children pointing Jan 2015

On the 5th of October, 2014, Lift the Lid got together a group of friends who care about our less fortunate children and their education to run a 10k race in London’s Regent’s Park. Below is the full story. Click here for photos of the completed kitchen and the students enjoying their lunches!

Our goal: to raise the money to build a kitchen and start a lunch program at Namelok Junior Academy in rural Kisamis, Kenya. Thanks to everyone who ran and the many good souls who donated, we met our mark of $5000!

lift the lid runners for Namelok kitchen

The kitchen is nearly finished now and provision are being bought. This means 96 students will eat a hearty lunch every day at school. Considering that most students at Namelok start the day with a meager breakfast and many walk long distances (some more than 6 kilometers) to and from school, a midday meal is critical to their learning, development, and success in life.

Mary Naipanoi, the Head Teacher and good friend of Lift the Lid, writes, “There are no words to say thank you. We are overjoyed!” The students are writing thank you letters and poems about their new kitchen. It is the start to a strong and energized New Year for Namelok Junior Academy!

Kitchen children lining up Jan 2015

The students are having fun practicing lining up for the lunch bell…

These smiling faces are for you! It’s hard to see their T-shirts, but for those who ran with us, you might recognize our logo: Runners of the Kenyan Lunch Box!

Kitchen children thumbs up Jan 2015