Poems Without Borders

Juliana Akolo Nov 2015

This past July (2015), a young girl name Lilly placed Third in the UK’s National Poetry Competition at the Ledbury Poetry Festival. Her poem is titled “Where Reality Ends,” and it begins:

“There is so much to do!

I must feed the summer wind for its long journey to Africa…”

We contacted Lilly and asked if she would like to share her work with the students at Lenana Girls High School in Kitale, Kenya. Lilly jumped at the opportunity to inspire unbounded, individual thinking among girls who are sometimes too focused on their work at hand and the uphill road out of poverty ahead of them.

“Where Reality Ends” was a huge hit among the girls at Lenana, and Juliana Akolo wrote a poem for Lilly in return. Juliana’s poem is titled “Thank You, Friend.”

Juliana Akolo poem to Lilly Lenana Nov 2015