Remembering Christmas, by Dianne Farinas

dianne farinas siac wong aug 2014

Thank you, Kristin Wong, for your donation to The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines. 100% of all donations to Lift the Lid go to the schools we sponsor, and we only support schools we know personally. To show our appreciation for your thoughtfulness, Dianne Farinas has written a short piece on what Christmas 2013 meant to her.

She wrote in Tagalog that she is  happy for the clothes, food, and shoes she received for Christmas. All the children wrote short pieces thanking “Kuya Iddo,” an endearing nickname which means Big Brother Alfredo (Principal Alfredo Olavidez) and teacher Nonie. The organizers and volunteers who make The School in a Cart a success put their time, energy, and hearts into every aspect of the students’ lives. Their aim is to give these street children a loving, secure, and healthy upbringing, as much as possible.

Here is Dianne’s thank you note:

dianne farinas xmas poem wong siac aug 2014