School in a Cart Aims to Make Graduates

daniel farinas graduation apri l2014

Daniel Farinas, age 5, graduated from Kindergarten. He is the fourth of six siblings. His parents and older sister Dianne were there for the big day.

Jordan Bujawe, age 13, graduated from the sixth grade. We know Jordan from his essays The Flood and My Worries, among others. Jordan’s parents did not attend the ceremony, but teacher Nonie and Principal Alfredo were there with hugs, affection he likely does not receive at ‘home.’

jordan bujawe graduation apri l2014
jordan bujawe graduation apri l2014

Here is Jordan, the smallest in his class

After the ceremony, Nonie and Alfredo took Jordan to the popular fast food restaurant Jollibee. Alexis, his younger sister, did not graduate from kindergarten due to excessive absences, and Jordan’s two older brothers, Ferdinand and Joshua, dropped out of school.

These street children are regulars at The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines. They are encouraged to stay in school and tutored on Saturdays. They’re given breakfast each morning at the Cart and a proper washing. They’re given uniforms and books and a daily snack to eat at recess. They’re cared for and it makes all the difference between attaining an education and being lost to life on the streets.

The School in a Cart aims to keep the children in school and to see them graduate.

Jemar Cornelio graduated from the sixth grade. Jemar nearly quit last term to jump into jeepneys and ask passengers for loose change. He wanted to be like the kids in his class whose parents give them snack money. The School in a Cart gives the children cookies and juice to take to school and encourages them to finish the school year. Jemar’s mother attended the graduation ceremony. Here is some of his past writing for Lift the Lid: My Prayer and We Have a Home!

gemmar cornelio graduation apri l2014
julito avendano graduation apri l2014

Julito Avendano graduated from kindergarten.

Sophia Armengol graduated from kindergarten. Julito and Sophia are half brother and sister and the two square meter rented room in which they lived with their mother went up in flames just five days before graduation. The School in a Cart offered food and clothing relief. Their mother attended the graduation ceremony to see them receive their certificates.

sophia armengol graduation apri l2014
joshua ballera graduation apri l2014

Joshua Ballera graduated from kindergarten. Joshua is a second generation recipient of Alfredo Olavidez’s outreach to the poor. His mother, Analyn, was one of the original frequenters of the Saturday Feeding Program started in 1997. Joshua and his younger brother Justin enjoy Saturday activities and tutoring at The School in a Cart.

We are looking for additional pledging to continue The Breakfast/School in a Cart for the next school year. The cost of breakfast for the children is PhP800 a day (approximately $20/£11) and the Saturday School in a Cart, which includes lunch, is PhP1,000 (approximately $22/£13.) Last year we were short pledges for 8 days each month but were able to get by when occasional special gifts came in for the projects. Please consider a monthly pledge.