The Flood, by Jordan Bujawe

jordan siac sept 2012

Many thanks to Erika, our first donation to Lift the Lid through eBay! The money she has spent is going to help the students at The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines.

Jordan Bujawe has written a poem to show their appreciation. Since his home and neighborhood have been affected by the August 2012 floods, he expresses his impressions of the torrential rains that caused nearly 270,000 to flee their homes.

jordans poem siac sept 2012

Jordan is the third among nine siblings born to Buboy and Agnes Bujawe. His parents have been living on the streets for as long as 12-year-old Jordan can remember. His dad collects garbage to sell to junk shops to support his family. His mother makes a home as best she can out of a canvas-covered sidewalk shelter. Lack of running water makes it impossible for the family to observe sanitation.

jordans home siac sept 2012