I Conquer My Fears, by Stephano Abalayam

Stephano Abalayam got the drums down CM SIAC Nov 2016

Can you remember back to your childhood and a time when you felt nervous, maybe petrified, to perform in front of your parents and peers? The fear of failure was all-consuming and your heart pounded frantically in your chest, as if wanting to escape. Did you go through with your performance? Did you give it your best despite your debilitating anxiety? Stephano did, and he writes about it for us as an expression of thanks…for the opportunity to learn an instrument, be in a band, and rise above his fears. Now he knows how awesome it feels to push the limits of his potential, and that’s something we all never forget.

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Below is Stephano’s essay, his original work, and a photo from when he was just starting to play the drums. See the difference in confidence!


14 years old

Barangay Tagumpay

Project 4, Quezon City

I am the drummer in our Band. I was a little scared but excited when Kuya (big brother) Iddo told us that we would play at the Ali Mall. This is my first experience in playing at a Mall. I practiced very well. It was two weeks before the program at Ali Mall. Even if I made many mistakes because I rush my tempo, I practiced some more.

When we got to the Mall, I was scared because there were many people who starred at us.

When we started playing on the stage, I became more relaxed because many did applaud our numbers. I was also glad because our parents were there to support us.

After the program people congratulated us because we did very well.

I was happy for our good performance. Thank you!

Stephano Abalayam essay on performing CM SIAC Nov 2016
Stephano Abalayam got the drums down CM SIAC Nov 2016

Here’s Stephano first learning to play the drums on a starter set. Compare to the photo at the top and see how he’s grown in confidence. In just a year, he’s come a long way!