The Blessed Day by Sheila Chepngetich

sheila chepngetich 5th comp mogonjet masters april 2014

We are truly grateful for Johanna and Tim Master’s continued support. Mogonjet Secondary School in Kitale, Kenya acknowledges their most recent donation with an essay by nineteen-year-old  Sheila Chepngetich.

She shares her memory of the day her brother ranked number one in Kenya’s National Exam. She tells how he was a C student from Form One to Form Four, and when he and their mother heard the news, they dropped to their knees and thanked God.

Sheila’s father died years ago, when the eldest sibling was only a baby. Her brother grew to take on their father’s responsibilities. They knew his success would be their benefit, as well. Sheila writes, “Everyone can pass no matter the background s/he is coming from.”

sheila chepngetich blessed day 5th comp mogonjet masters april 2014