Tourist, by Kevin Mwareri

Kevin Mwareri namelok mar 2013

Namelok Junior Academy is extremely grateful for your donation, Romy. In exchange, 10-year-old Kevin Mwareri has written a brilliant poem titled “Tourist.” Kevin aspires to be a tour guide, and if you read his essay you will see that he has a keen understanding of how tourists in his region might feel. I recommend reading his poem twice, as it is a real brain tease. You wouldn’t expect a young boy to be able to write from the point of view of another person, let alone a tourist, someone so different from himself. He shows exceptional talent and it is really exciting!

Kevin lives near a cliff that offers an incredible view of the hills and valleys in Kisamis, Kenya. It is called Baridi corner, which is where I first met Mary Naipanoi Tobiko, the Headmistress at Namelok Junior Academy and our contact at the school. Kevin sees many tourists there, taking in the sights.

The last line of Kevin’s poem was cut off in the scan. It reads: “Anyway, why don’t we all agree that the benefits are all ours.”
Kevin Mwareri tourist poem namelok mar 2013