We Could Have Drowned, by Sunshai Buhawi

sunshai buhawi siac sept 2012

Thank you so much, Janice, for your donation to The School in a Cart! Sunshai (photographed on the right) sends a poem she wrote about the August 2012 flood that swept through her makeshift home on 20th Street in Cubao, the Philippines.

Aunt Marilyn, whom she thanks for saving her and her friend Dianne (left) from drowning, is a volunteer at The School in a Cart. The children of The School in a Cart got together to write and draw about their experiences surviving the flood and watching their few belongings be washed away. Sharing their fears and anxieties with each other and with people like yourself who show you care is helping them to heal.

sunshai buhawi flood poem siac sept 2012

The home of Sunshai and her nine brothers and sisters:

jordans home siac sept 2012