What Will Tomorrow Be? by Roine Rodney

Roine Rodney What I Like Namelok Dec 2013

Roine Rodney has written a poem, aptly titled, “What Will Tomorrow Be?”, given the many uncertainties we live with today, from global warming to the threat of terror attacks. But his poem is about a different threat, one that people living in poverty experience day in and day out: malnutrition and starvation. Roine writes from his heart and doesn’t shy from showing how desperation can spiral out of control.

Thank you, Merry, for making a donation to Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya. Your contribution shows that you care about the students and that you believe in them. Your interest has also given Roine this opportunity to express himself and be heard.

Lift the Lid initiated a lunch program at Namelok last year, which fed 96 students a daily nutritious meal at school. We hope to be able to continue the program this coming year. Health and nutrition are critical to life and learning.

Roine Rodney What will tomorrow be Namelok Dec 2013
Roine Rodney What will tomorrow be Namelok Dec 2013