Why I Want to Go to School, by Julius Santiago

julius santiago with doctor poem school-in-a-cart feb 2013

Thank you Lisa Belcastro Kroll for donating to Lift the Lid! Every dollar of your donation will go toward expanding/improving the private shower for the street children who attend the School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines. In response to your support, eleven-year-old Julius Santiago sent a short essay about why he wants to continue going to school.

Julius’ parents are Amy Armingol and Rodel Santiago. He has an older sister Andrea from his mother’s prior relationship, and two younger siblings, four-year-old Pia and Joshua, who is two, by another man after his dad. His mother’s relationships were so unstable that his grandmother has to take care of him. Julius, Pia, and Joshua all attend the School in a Cart.

When Teacher Nonie asked the children what they think about going to school, this is what Julius wrote, translated from Tagalog:

“I will to go back to school (after summer break)
to finish my studies!
I would like to be a doctor
in order that I could help others!”

With the positive impression given by his short essay, we are even more encouraged to be behind him in his schoolwork, in every way that we can! You can click on the photo of Julius above to see his essay. Thank you, again, Lisa!