‘Till You Win Your Crown, by Daphrone L.

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Teens like Daphrone, who feel inspired to share their hardships and strength with others, are on a path to becoming our future leaders and teachers, advocates and psychologists. With an open heart and the power of words, there are many options for them. Their drive to inspire others certainly sets them apart. Daphrone has placed in […]

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Powerful Encouragement – Mercy’s Poem

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I think of two words every time I read Mercy’s poem: Fire and Optimism. Through her words, in just three stanzas, she is a leader and she is humble. “Being limitless through every limitation,” says it all. Mercy earned Second Place in Lenana Girls’ High School (Kitale, Kenya) Sixth Annual Writing Competition sponsored by Lift the […]

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Mother, by Deborah

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Deborah writes about love with a child’s unfiltered honesty. “Love is like the sunshine. It shines for a while and then it’s gone … It is like the birth of a child. It hurts for a while, then is soon forgotten, leaving you with only the memories of a wonderful and loving life.” Deborah is only in […]

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Abigael Takes First Place in Namelok’s Poetry Competition!

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Does love grow old? When Abigael Mantaine sat down to think about love for Namelok’s Fourth Annual Poetry Competition, she thought of her mother. She thought of moments she felt completely comforted and at peace, of her mother’s gentleness and protection, her advice and acceptance. The love she remembers doesn’t end with her youth. Her […]

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Kimathi: A Fight, A Poem, by Rodney Rhoine

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Rodney Rhoine, nearly 13 years old now, has been writing for us since 2013. He’s written about his favorite subjects and pastimes, the pain a father feels putting his hungry child to bed, and now a poem about Dedan Kimathi (1920-1957), leader of the Mau Mau Uprising, fighting British colonial rule in Kenya. Rodney has […]

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Take Great Care, by Nowel Naitetoi

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                Thank you, Harrington Family, for your donation to Lift the Lid! Thank you for your moral support, your love of children, and your faith in life when the challenges feel steep. Thank you! Nowel, a very mature young woman, writes about the lessons she’s learned in order […]

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Phoebe Places 1st with Her Poem, What Makes Me Happy

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We are very excited to announce the 1st Place winner of Lift the Lid’s 3rd Annual Writing Competition at Namelok Junior Academy. Phoebe Naserem submitted the poem, “What Makes Me Happy,” and we knew at once that she had poured out her words from her heart. She is clearly a devout young woman with talent […]

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Tree of Fruit, by Enock Pariken

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Enock outside his school in Kisamis, Kenya Every opportunity to write is an opportunity to look inside yourself, to see and understand life in a unique way, to build the courage to share yourself (your brilliance) with others. Lift the Lid is a two-fold charity. We raise funds to develop our sponsored schools, and we ask for something in return. […]

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What Will Tomorrow Be? by Roine Rodney

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Roine has written a poem, aptly titled, “What Will Tomorrow Be?”, given the many uncertainties we live with today, from global warming to the threat of terror attacks. But his poem is about a different threat, one that people living in poverty experience day in and day out: malnutrition and starvation. Roine writes from his […]

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Poems Without Borders

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This past July (2015), a young girl name Lilly placed Third in the UK’s National Poetry Competition at the Ledbury Poetry Festival. Her poem is titled “Where Reality Ends,” and it begins: “There is so much to do! I must feed the summer wind for its long journey to Africa…” We contacted Lilly and asked if […]

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