A Brightened Life by Holi Juliet

holi juliet

Jennifer Watrous, all of us at Lift the Lid and the students at Lenana Girls High School in Kitale, Kenya are grateful for your donation. In exchange for your support, Holi Juliet, one of the first students admitted to Lenana, will share her essay, A Brightened Life.

Holi has worked hard to make it to Lenana and deeply appreciates her sponsorship. She holds steadfast to the belief that if she continues to work hard, she’ll be able to remain in school and one day end her family’s poverty.

She writes, “I want to save my family members from leading a wretched life. I also want to brighten my future.” Holi has three siblings. She is fortunate that both her parents are alive; her father is a teacher and her mother farms their small plot of land.

holi juliet brightened life lenana may 2014