From Last to First, by Beryl Achieng Wanami

Beryl Achieng Wanami close up

This is Beryl Wanami, a high school writer with promise, a young activist against female genital mutilation (see her personal story), and an inspiration to students worldwide who ever struggled in school. When she scored 50 marks out of 500 on her final exam she said, “I did not really know what was going on with me because I did not understand myself fully.”

Beryl explains how she felt so lost within herself, she couldn’t comprehend what was being said. Her peers called her “cheap fool” when she couldn’t answer her teachers. She didn’t believe in herself.

In life there’s often a moment when we either change our path or continue down the road we’re on, dark as it might be. When Beryl came home with her failing grade, her mother said, “Look here my daughter, you can make it.” Beryl couldn’t believe that even after having failed, her mother believed in her, and that was her moment to try a new path, one where she started to believe in herself.

Thank you, Tami and Mike, for your donation to Lenana Girls’ High School in Kitale, Kenya. You can read Beryl’s latest essay here.

Beryl Achieng Wanami Last to First Tami Feb 2017