I Play the Drums, by David Farinas

David Farinas drums CM SIAC Nov 2015

The children at The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines love writing about their new instruments. Their passion for music is inspiring a new passion for writing about music! Our donations have made the instruments, sheet music, lessons, and transportation to the schools and churches where the children have performed possible.

Now we’re thinking about Christmas time at The School in a Cart. The families living on the streets or in government housing make just enough money to get by (with very little), but can’t afford the treats and festivities we enjoy throughout the Holidays.

Our goal was to assemble 100 grocery bags full of food and goodies for the families to have before Christmas morning, and we’ve been able to make that happen! Soon we’ll have photos and videos of many very happy children and parents, and I’m sure our gifts will inspire Christmas essays, poems, and drawings giving thanks!

Here is David’s essay and drawing about his experience learning to play the drums and his translation from Tagalog.

“I am Dave! I play the drums. I am being trained properly. We get scolding so we would play better. It was really difficult to learn to play the drums. We played before many people. I was glad because we now have learned to play.

Thank you Big brothers (Kuya) Allan and Jay Jay. Thank you, too, to big brothers Iddo (Alfredo) and Nonie.”

David Farinas drums essay CM SIAC Nov 2015