Life of An Orphan, by Mary Maobe

mary maobe

Okubo-San, in return for your generous donation to Lift the Lid, Mary Maobe from Pathfinder Primary School in Kiminini, Kenya, wrote an incredibly brave poem about being an orphan and being bullied at school. Mary is an exceptional writer with tremendous potential. Your donation will go toward the building of Lenana Girls High School so that young girls, such as Mary, can continue their education. Thank you for supporting Mary’s education and for encouraging her to write such a heartfelt poem.

As the Founder of Lift the Lid, I encourage Mary to keep writing, and to be assured that her classmates’ jeers come from their own fears and have nothing to do with her. You are a talented and courageous young woman, Mary, who will go far in life if you continue your studies. It is our responsibility to provide the school. Thank you, again, Okubo-San.

mary maobe orphan poem lenana sept 2012