My Music by Allen Abrigo

Allen Abrigo Music SIAC July 2015

Allen looks young, but he completed elementary school this spring and will start junior high next term. Of all the children, he has shown particular interest in learning an instrument, and, of course, his enthusiasm, coupled with his willingness to practice, has made him a star pupil and member of The School in a Cart Band!

The children of The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines are so excited about their new band that almost all have written about their first experience learning the instruments and performing before a crowd.

Here is Allen’s essay translated from Tagalog:

“My Music trainer is strict. He makes me do it over again every time I make mistakes. I found it difficult to play the guitar at first but now I can play better. Teacher Nonie does not want us to be proud.

It feels good to play at churches. Also, it is good CNN Philippines, Channel 9 (TV Station) will show us.

Thank you to Kuya Iddo (Big brother Alfredo) who feeds us, and to Teacher Nonie and most especially to God who gives us strength.

I will continue to play in the Band. When I become a young man, I will ask my other friends to join me.”

Thank you from the depths of our hearts to an anonymous donor who continues to support The School in a Cart.

Allen Abrigo Music essay SIAC July 2015