Love Found Me, by Sang Kibet Gerson

Sang Kibet Gerson - Belinda Mogonjet Apr 2018

Sang Kibet Gerson is a student at Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya. He takes his studies very seriously and works hard for his grades. Coming from a family of two brothers and three sisters, he is aware of the sacrifices his parents, grandmother (now deceased), and uncle have made to keep him and his siblings in school. Their group effort worked from one belief: an education can end their poverty.

Click here to read his previous essay on how he managed to stay in school from year to year, and how he’s now motivated to help others in need.

Below is his most recent essay, which won an Honorable Mention in Lift the Lid’s 7th Annual Writing Competition at Mongonet. He writes about getting lost in a forest as a boy and how his father found him, led only by love.

Sang Kibet Gerson - Lost and found-Belinda - FB Mogonjet- Apr 2018